SigNif – The Transition (Free Album)

Here’s some new music I came across from an artist called SigNif via my inbox. The Transition is her debut album which she is offering as a FREE downloadThe Transition’s sound is reminiscent of Hip Hop’s golden era in the early nineties and provides a refreshing alternative to the Hip Hop of today which sounds a lot like R&B at times. Simply put SigNif’s The Temptation deserves your ears, listen above and you can find the FREE download link below.

1.Welcome Intro
2.The Transition
4.Make Moves (Feat. Prophetic)
7.Never (Feat. J Nolan)
8.What’s Going On (Feat. APrime)
9.Lovely Imperfections
10.New “Ish”
11.The Wake Up
13.AfterNoon Jazz
14.Flaws Remix (Feat. Tay Lee)
15.Pure Pleasure (Feat. GodFree)
16.(Bonus) The Transition Remix 

FREE DOWNLOAD: SigNif – The Transition