Abby Sage – When I leave

LA-via-Toronto singer/songwriter Abby Sage today shares her emotive new single “When I Leave.” Exploring the inner battles that occur when in love with someone and how not confronting them can mean lead to you losing what you have.

“It’s about trying to communicate to somebody that you love them and want them to stay but fear ultimately prevents you from saying anything,” says Abby. “in this case, I let pride and fear get the best of me and walked away from something I didn’t genuinely want to walk away from,” she reveals.

“When I leave” is the latest single from Abby’s forthcoming EP, Fears of Yours & Mine. The six-track project will also include her previous singles “Residing In The Sky” and “Wasting Away”. The EP will be released on November 12th via Nettwerk, Abby’s new single is out now on Apple Music and Spotify.

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