Photo Credit: Stewart Baxter.

LARRY PINK THE HUMAN is a duo made up vocalist, guitarist and songwriter Laurie Vincent and producer/ songwriter Jolyon Thomas. Jolyon’s work as a producer includes artists such as M83, U2 and Royal Blood. Laurie has been nominated for Mercury Prize as a member of Slaves and collaborated with the likes of Skepta.

Today the versatile creative duo have released their dreamy new single, “BISOUSxxx”. In France, the term is typically used when parting with someone that you are fond of. “BISOUSxxx is growth,” the band say when speaking about their new track. ‘Change is a constant, it’s unavoidable, this song is rebirth, death of an old self, it’s grief, it’s joy, it’s pain, it’s acceptance,” they add.

It is the latest single to be taken from their debut project, M1XTAPE, which will be released on September 17th. The project will also include “ELEVEN11_GTR_SONG” and their previous single “NO WRONG NO RIGHT”. “BISOUSxxx” is out now on Apple Music and Spotify.