Pollena – Stand Up

Alot has changed in the past year or so and Pollena reminds us that we shouldn’t just go back to our old ways. Some of the changes that have happened have been good and we should continue the work. “Stand Up is about giving people the confidence that they need to make that change happen,” she says. “Don’t just accept things as they are, don’t just go ‘back to normal’,” she notes before adding, “it’s about expecting something better.”

Since the the first lockdown she’s been collaborating with rising producers on experimental new music. Her new single, “Stand Up”, was produced by DJ and musician, Footshooter who previously worked with Poppy Ajudha and Allysha Joys. It’s her third solo single following “The Pool” which is absolutely brilliant and “Glitter”, long may the experimentation continue. “Stand Up” is out now on Apple Music and Spotify.