Love Truls – Kantande Wanai EP

Swedish multi-faceted artist and songwriter Love Truls has just released his debut EP, Kantande Wanai. As well as being a musician Truls also draws his the artwork for his releases, in addition to having a passion for film making and script writing. The EP can loosely be described as Indie Pop but the songs span a variety of genres. He describes his music as “atmospheric” but is more focused on capturing and evoking emotions than being limited by genre boundaries.

“They are six somewhat different tracks that I have gathered along the way,” Truls explains when speaking about the EP. They are however all related in that, “they all somehow try to express the life of a teenager of this generation,” he adds.

The EP’s title, Kantande Wanai, is Japanese for “It isn’t easy,” and that certainly comes across on the EP. Truls describes the songs as being, “about drugs, love, and mental illness.” As well as, ” the refusal to face the music (pun intended) and surrender to the dull side of being an adult.”

It includes his debut single “Torn Up Dress” as well as “Adult”, “Trembling Hands” which features Siri Gunrup Järvinen and “Tell Her”. Love Truls’ Kantande Wanai EP is out now on Apple Music and Spotify, you can listen to it in full below.