Sinéad Harnett – Ready Is Always Too Late (Album)

Sinéad Harnett has today released her brilliant new album, Ready Is Always Too Late. The 11-track project is Sinéad’s second album following her 2019 debut, Lessons in Love, which was also really good.

It is a celebration of her journey to self love and becoming the best version of herself. “Ready has often been an excuse, and one I didn’t want to use anymore,” the London-born, LA-based artist reveals.

“I wasn’t ready to be proud of the skin I was in, to find my inner confidence or to truly practice self-love,” she explains. That’s something that we can all relate to. “But I’m doing it now and it’s an ongoing, crazy and unpredictable journey that I’m grateful for.”

The album includes “Stickin’” featuring Masego & VanJess, “Take Me Away” featuring EARTHGANG, “Last Love” and “Hard 4 Me 2 Love You”. It also includes her new single “Anymore” which features Lucky Daye. It’s an album that I’ve been looking forward to hearing and I am happy to say that Sinéad didn’t disappoint.

This is an album full of soulful goodness and there’s a purity in the lyrics that Sinéad sings. As a listener you can really feel the emotion within her songs. Ready Is Always Too Late is out now on Apple Music and Spotify, you can listen to it in full below.

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