Matilda Mann – Doomsday

Matilda Mann brings a comforting reminder that things will always get better on her new single, “Doomsday”. She wrote it last December while the UK was still in lockdown and things weren’t looking very good. “‘Doomsday’ was written to help people feel, that during the worst times, things are going Continue Reading

Shungudzo – White parents (Video)

Zimbabwean-American artist/activist Shungudzo shares her powerful “White parents” music video. In it the Zimbabwean-American artist/activist calls out anyone that fetishes ethnic minorities. Shungudzo describes some of her ex’s and and their families being, “okay with giving me the girlfriend experience.” But deeming her inappropriate for marriage, “due to differences in Continue Reading

Fifi Rong – Only Man (Video)

Fifi Rong shares an enchanting video for her new single, “Only Man”. Speaking about the song Fifi says, “my character knows the man she loves doesn’t reciprocate but rather gives her a very small piece attention.” She shot the video in Berlin and describes it as, “one of the most Continue Reading