in earnest – your dog / good boy

in earnest are an Alt-Indie trio made up of Sarah, Tom and Toby. Today the Southend-on-Sea-based act has released their new double single, “your dog / good boy”, in tribute to their dogs. “The first track was written while sitting on the floor with our dog Murph,” the band explain.”It’s made up of all the questions we would ask her if she could talk, they add. “The second track is about our other dog Doug who passed away in 2019, detailing how heartbreaking it is to lose a pet,” they reveal. The biggest credit that I can give them is that I am warmed by these songs even though I wouldn’t class myself as being big on pets or animals. in earnest are hosting private virtual Zoom gigs, whilst they are unable to play live. You can find more information here. “your dog / good boy” is out now on Apple Music and Spotify.