Elissa Mielke – Palace / Trying

Photo Credit: Cameron Boyle.

Emerging singer/songwriter Elissa Mielke has just shared two delightful piano ballads, “Palace” and “Trying”. They are taken from a forthcoming EP that she will be releasing in May on slashie/ Mom+Pop. “These songs are really personal for me,” says Elissa. “Both of them started out as songs for other people and ended up being things I needed to learn,” she explains. I am glad that Elissa decided to keep both songs as they are wonderful.

“Palace is about the moment where you meet someone and say ‘Can you please be who I hope you are?,” Elissa reveals. “Turns out that was something I needed to hear too; learning to come through for myself even when others can’t or don’t.” It’s a beautiful song touching on the importance of self love and it’s today’s Song of The Day.

“Trying was a song written out of frustration in a time when I felt like I was constantly failing everyone,” says Elissa. She describes the song as, being more so about my own inner critic and the way I criticise myself.” The pain and emotion of what Elissa was going through certainly resonates on what is this track. “Palace / Trying” is out now on Apple Music and Spotify.

Elissa Mielke – Palace (Video)
Directed by Laura-Lynn Petrick

Elissa Mielke – Trying