Clara Mann – Consolations EP

Having emerged in late 2020, Clara Mann now shares her stellar debut EP, Consolations. The 4-track project is a collection of intimate, Indie inspired Folk songs. The title takes its inspiration from Hungarian pianist and composer, Franz Liszt’s “Consolations” compositions.

“I grew up with classical music all around me, from choral pieces to chamber music,” Clara notes. “I teach piano now, and after a lesson once I picked up the Liszt Consolations,” she adds. “It struck me as such a beautiful word,” she goes onto say. “It’s also what music is, to my mind, meant to do – to console,” she says. “Writing this EP has been a way of consoling myself through any hard times,” she reveals. “I’d like it to do the same for other people,” Clara concludes.

Consolations includes her debut single and former Song of The Day “I Didn’t Know You Were Leaving Today”. It also includes her latest single “Thoughtless”. I’ve been waiting to hear this project since she first emerged in 2020 and she has duly delivered. Clara Mann’s Consolations EP is out now on Apple Music and Spotify, you can listen to it in full below.

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