Lokoy – Relay (With Nils Bech) (Video)

Photo Credit: Xin Li.

Norwegian artist and producer’s new “Relay” video is today’s Video of The Day. The outrageous video is set in an Apathetics Anonymous group session in Oslo. The ‘AA’ group’s participants include rising Norwegian artists, actors and musicians such as GABIFUEGO (of Boy Pablo), Kamara and Safario.

Things go left when the first participant ‘exposes his feelings’ as the group’s moderator puts it. And from there things get more and more outrageous. I have honestly never seen a music video like this before, it’s amazing. There’s even an intermission half way through, as there’s so much going on! It’s definetly not safe for work by the way, hence the age restriction.

“Relay” is taken from Lokoy’s recently released debut album badminton. The song mixes African-inspired Dance percussion with sampled Icelandic church choirs. Giving it a kind of chilled, tribal House feel. The song is out now on Apple Music and Spotify.

Directed by Sebastian Kåss.

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