Josie Proto – Champagne Fizzles

There’s irony in the fact that Josie Proto’s “Champagne Fizzles” lyric video is wet and miserable but the song is anything but that. “It’s about finding comfort in other people’s secrets and feeling close to someone through conversation,” notes Josie. “It sings like a love song, but the essence of the story is about friendship and understanding someone inside and out,” she says. It’s a lovely song from the rising singer-songwriter who released her debut EP, Pub Songs: Volume 1, earlier this year. Josie shares her love for the song, “although it is one of my older songs, ‘Champagne Fizzles’ is one of my favourite original songs,” and I can certainly see why she’s so fond of it. “Champagne Fizzles” is out now on Apple Music and Spotify.