Sans Soucis – Unfinished EP

Every now and then I am sent something so startling, today it was this. Italo-Congolese singer-songwriter Sans Soucis’s Unfinished EP, a three track EP that looks at freedom as she explains. “[The EP discusses the] freedom to be, by choosing to radically accept who we are. Freedom of expression, unlocking gender, celebrating the individual and our ability to nurture endless versions of ourselves; freedom makes us unfinished by nature and that’s what music also is.” The EP’s three songs also touch on gender and authenticity. It’s interesting that the EP’s lead single “Make One From A Two” isn’t even its best. The EP starts with the title track and that is probably the EP’s standout track. Sans Soucis is a special talent and that is clear, things can only get better if this is her while she’s unfinished. Sans Soucis’s Unfinished EP is out now on Apple Music and Spotify.

Photo credit: Luca Perrin