Highly Recommended: Little Simz – AGE 101: DROP 4 EP

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Little Simz is a rare commodity and we need to treasure the rapper. Her latest release AGE 101: DROP 4, the fourth instalment of her Age 101 EP series is wicked. The EP is a further example of Simz’s ability to construct songs on well chosen beats that will last far longer than alot of today’s throw away rap music. 

Simz’s ability to work alongside other artists an craft good music can be seen on the second half of the EP, with songs like “Top Down” featuring r&b crooner Kent Jamz and the bounce inducing “Guess Who” featuring Tilla, Josh Arcé and Chuck20. 

“Sim I think you know what you’re doing
I see this is your time so don’t ruin it” – Little Simz on “Don’t Ruin It”

AGE 101: DROP 4 is the prelude to Little Simz’s debut album so it’s appropriate that the EP includes the lyrics quoted above. Little Simz’s Age 101 EP series has been exciting and engaging, I hope that she doesn’t compromise her sound in order to achieve sales. Hopefully Simz will achieve the success that her years of hard work deserve. AGE 101: DROP 4 is available to download for free from littlesimz.bandcamp.com.