Sycco – Sycco’s First EP

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Sycco (pronounced ‘psycho’) is the artist moniker of 19-year-old Brisbane-based artist, songwriter and producer Sasha McLeod. She has just released Sycco’s First EP, which as the name suggests is her first EP.

“A lot of the EP is about my angry feelings that I bottle up,” Sycco notes. “I write about what I’m going through in my day to day and about love … and being scared of love,” she adds. The EP includes “Germs”, “Time’s Up”,“My Ways”,“Dribble”.

Sycco has been hotly tipped for success and endorsed by a number of brands too including YouTube; Apple Music and Spotify. She’s also just sold out her debut national headline tour so this definetly won’t the last that we hear from her.

Sycco’s First EP is out now on Apple Music and Spotify, you can listen to it in full below. Previously: Sycco – Time’s Up (Oscar Scheller Remix)