Matilda Mann – Japan

Matilda Mann continues the build up towards her new EP with the release of her beautiful new single, “Japan”. She revelas, “over lockdown I binge-watched a tv show called “gossip girl”. (It’s basically about very rich teenagers living in NYC).” She notes, “whenever they were heartbroken, they would always fly Continue Reading

Bleach Lab – Never Be

“Never Be” is the splendid new single by South London-based band, Bleach Lab. Lead singer, Jenna Kyle says, “the track is about taking a physical and metaphorical step out from a wearing relationship and moving away.” She adds, “continuing life in a new city that you were supposed to live Continue Reading

Akine – Lighthouse

Ukranian singer/songwriter, Akine explores her personal battles on her new single “Lighthouse”. Akine explains, “I wrote ‘Lighthouse’ at a time when I was overwhelmed with insecurities and felt so out of place in my surroundings.” She concludes, “I hope that anyone who feels like I did will hear this and Continue Reading