Reb Fountain – Reb Fountain (Album)

There are times when I am just blown away from what I hear after pressing play, Reb Fountain’s new self titled album in one of those cases. Just a few songs in it became clear that this is something special. It’s a darker and grittier brand of folk than that which we commonly hear. Picking a standout track isn’t easy but you can’t go wrong with “Don’t You Know Who I Am”. Reb made a series of splendid music videos have been made to accompany each single on the album, all directed and edited by Lola Fountain-Best. Really they deserve a seperate post themselves but you can watch them all here. The album was released in New Zealand on May 1st via iconic label Flying Nun. But due to the global pandemic it has only now finally been released internationally. Reb Fountain is out now on Apple Music and Spotify, you can listen to it in full below.