Jolé – Silver Lake EP

Photo credit: Doug Elliott

Jolé is the artist moniker of London based songwriter Joshua Oliver who blends folk and indie with electronic music. He has just released his Silver Lake EP, the follow up to his 2019 self titled debut album, Jolé. He wrote the EP while travelling as he explains, “this EP came out of a trip to LA in August of last year. I spent 6 weeks with 2 friends, writing, travelling and living in a studio apartment.” He adds, “this group of songs are some of my most personal to date and each one holds its own identity. It’s about sharing experiences, travelling the world, soaking in your surroundings and being grateful for what you have.” It’s a lovely four track EP filled with warmth that is highly recommended. Jolé’s Silver Lake EP is out now on Apple Music and Spotify, you can listen to it in full below.