Naïka – Lost in Paradïse, Pt. 1 EP

Lost in Paradïse, Pt. 1 is the rather interesting debut EP from French-Haitian singer, Naïka. She travelled around the world with her family when younger and grew up with the influence of European, African and Caribbean cultures. This is evident in her music, which keeps things interesting. “My dream is to bring people together through my music,” says Naïka. “I want to shatter stigmas and to encourage human connection that goes beyond religion, ethnicity, and gender,” she notes. “African Sun” is the EP’s standout track, it’s here that everything comes together; most notably her fusion of sounds, here it’s a US R&B sound blended with African influences. You just wish more of the EP was this good. Naïka’s Lost in Paradïse, Pt. 1 EP is out now on Apple Music and Spotify, you can listen to it in full below.