Bugzy Malone – Facing Time (EP Review)

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Bugzy’s songwriting has improved remarkably

Bugzy Malone is back with his Facing Time EP, the follow up to his 2015 debut Walk With Me EP. But can the Manchester Grime MC show that he’ll be around long haul?

 Bugzy has always been a good MC, story teller and songwriter but on this EP you see both parts connect. You can hear Bugzy’s songwriting has improved remarkably since 2015’s Walk With Me EP. This all begins with the EP’s title track, “Facing Time”, which plays on time spent behind bars and the lack of freedom he know has that his popularity increases.

“Fame is a jail and not everyone here will survive” – Bugzy Malone on “Facing Time”

“Late Night In The 0161”, one of the EP’s standout tracks, was a banger when Bugzy released the video back in March and it’s still a banger now.  The wobbling bass sets a menacing vibe that’s perfect for Bugzy’s gritty bars. The song was one of highlights of the Manny MC’s set at Rinse FM’s Born and Bred Festival a few weeks ago too.

As well as an insight into Bugzy’s gangster life there’s also songs like “Moving”, which is one of the MC’s most open and revealing songs on which he speaks about his family, younger years and darker times. Features Bugzy’s trademark descriptive bars and similies that almost put the listener in the scene that he is talking about. Infact it’s probably the EP’s best song.

Facing Time is let down by songs like EP’s closer “We Don’t Care”, which sounds like Bugzy is throwing barbs at Chip again, but here they’re pointless light jabs. The Facing Time EP would have been better without this track.

“I make music to make me feel good, not to go on tours” – Bugzy Malone on “Moving”

“Mosh Pit Gang” is a song crying for attention and love, even going to the trouble of describing what a mosh pit is at the beginning of the song. But “I Suggest” is what “Mosh Pit Gang” wants to be without being forced or contrived.

Best Songs

Worst Songs

Rating: 3.5/5
Bugzy’s story is an interesting one so it’s great to see him mature and improve on his already strong skills on his Facing Time EP. With two EPs under his belt within the last year, it will be good to see if he can transfer that form to a full length album.