Highly Recommended: Gosh Pith – Window EP

Photo: KATAI.

Window is the brilliant debut EP from Detroit duo Gosh Pith, who make Indie music but not as you’ve probably come to know it. The EP’s opening track “Waves” has hints of experimental Bass Music with an Indie feel, with its bouncing rhythm and racing hi hats. Second track “Window” has more of a trippy Dub feel mixed a soothing electronic guitar which really lifts the song. After mixing it with other genres on the EP’s early tracks, you might begin to wonder whether the duo can pull of the full indie sound. But I can tell you that after hearing “Prints” that there’s no doubt – this is a versatile duo that can probably make music of any genre. The EP ends with “Vietnam Junkie”, a beautiful sparse track that is more electro/ bass music than any other song on the EP. The fact that Gosh Pith’s Window EP was released for free is startling, download on it the player below for free now!

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