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It’s just over two years since Kyra burst onto the UK Urban scene with the Cashtastic assisted “Good Love”. Alot has happened since, with Kyra suffering a personal loss and that is reflected in Kyra’s music which is a lot more heartfelt and soulful than before. “Give A Little Love” is perfect for the festive period and could easily pass as a Christmas single. Title track “Bandages” is a stellar song inspired by tragedy, filled with emotive lyrics. Final song “Until The End of Time” is a brilliant example of how Kyra’s sound has matured since 2012. What direction she takes her music next; whether it continues down this more soulful path or whether Kyra mixes the upbeat RnB sound of her earlier years with the new sound will be interesting. One thing’s for sure, Kyra’s debut EP is a brilliant; you can download Kyra’s Bandages EP for free from her website