EP of The Year 2013

Lists are the in thing in at the moment and that can only mean one thing, a new year is almost upon us. As ever heaps of music was released but not all of it was good, so to help you find the good stuff I’ve compiled a list of the year’s best EPs which you can see below.

Between now and New Year’s Eve I’ll also be posting one Year End List per day in the following order: Mixtape of The Year 2013 on Friday 27th December, Video of The Year 2013 on Monday 30th January and Album of The Year 2013 on New Year’s Eve.

Thank you for your votes and thank you for your support.

EP of The Year 2013
Sampha – Dual EP: iTunes

Runner Up
Lorde – Tennis Court EP: iTunes

Well Worth A Listen
813 – Recolor EP

Aches – Kingdom EP

Basecamp – Basecamp EP: iTunes

Chrome Sparks – Sparks EP: iTunes

Diplo – Revolution EP: iTunes

Inga Copeland ‎— Don’t Look Back, That’s Not Where You’re Going EP: iTunes

Jo Def – Steps EP

Kaytranada – Kaytra Todo EP: iTunes

Keepsakes – Night Echoes EP

Kirk Spencer – Wonderland EP: iTunes

Klimeks – Glares EP

Lewis Watson – Live In London EP: Free download here

Limbo Kids – RG3 EP: iTunes

Lockah – Only Built 4 Neon Nites EP: iTunes

Lomovolokno & Siren – Finest Ego Faces Series Vol. 4 EP: iTunes

Lorde – Love Club EP: iTunes

Luke Sital-Singh – Old Flint E​P: iTunes

Marie Dahlstrom – The Renditions EP

Meeka Kates – Junior EP

Run The Jewels – Run The Jewels EP

Sasha Keable – Black Book EP: free download here

Streets of Laredo – Vol I EP

SZA – S EP: Free download here

Tuesday Born – Singing in the Dark EP: iTunes

Vanessa Elisha – Don’t Go EP

Young Wonder – Show Your Teeth EP: iTunes

I’ll be posting Mixtape of The Year 2013 tomorrow, so get voting! The form is on the right hand side of the page.

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