Best In New Music is 3 Today!

Today is three years to the day, that I became a blogger and started Best In New Music. For so long I was just a music lover with an insatiable appetite for new music. Constantly on the hunt for good new music. Rarely if ever was my appetite fulfilled. Best In New Music has helped feed my appetite (and yours I hope!) and made my consumption of music even more nutritious than it was before. Having the blog has allowed me to share what I love as well to become introduced to new artists and bands that I may have otherwise never heard, which is great.

By no means has it been easy, running the blog is another job on top of my regular 9-5. As a result my social life has suffered and I rarely watch TV (but having Sky + has helped). Although I have had help from time to time (which I am grateful for), 99.9% of the posts you see were written by me. Whether it was going to a gig, coming back and then blogging until the early hours before getting up early and commuting to work. Or spending the weekend listening to the same album, just so I could write a review. It was all worth it.

I would like to thank you all (regular readers, casual readers and first time readers) as you have all played some part in helping Best In New Music reach this milestone. I would also like to thank the artists for making  wonderful music and anybody and everybody that sends me music to post. I do not always reply to emails immediately, but I do (try to) read every email I receive and consider it for posting. As you can imagine this can take some time when it is a sole operation. For your patience, for your continued support I’d like to thank you.