Juliyaa – Stars & Dragons EP (Preview)

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Juliyaa is a half Welsh half Ghanaian singer-songwriter from North London, who’s music I’ve previously featured on Best In New Music. On 1st November she will be releasing Stars & Dragons, her new EP. I have been lucky enough to enjoy the pleasure of listening to the EP before its release and can say it is a project something Juliyaa should be proud of. Stars & Dragons features a good mix of tempos, moods and arrangements; from the “Earthquake” inspired “Tidal Wave” to the acoustic “IWIHIA” which can be enjoyed almost purely for Juliyaa’s vocal. It is perhaps fitting that the EP’s title track is “Stars & Dragons” as it is one of the EP’s best songs and ends the project on an uplifiting vibe. 

You’ll have to wait until 1st November to enjoy Juliyaa’s Stars & Dragons EP but good things comes to those who wait – as the saying goes!

UPDATE: Here’s a teaser for “Tidal Wave”:

You can downlaod Juliyaa’s Stars and Dragons EP, for free from Juliyaa.bandcamp.com