Review: Marger – Cheeky EP

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If (undiluted) Grime will ever find a home in the UK Top 40 charts then it will probably sound like this. The Cheeky EP sounds and feels as if it was well thought out, not just random verses and hooks over any beats.

There are some notable features including Little Nasty on what is probably the Cheeky EP’s highlight  “Kushwave Anthem” . On “Goonz” Marger is flanked by Scrufizzer (if Busta Rhymes was a London Grime MC he’d probably sound like this) and No Lay (a female MC better than most male Grime MC’s). Molly lifts “Shadows” and provides a good contrast between Marger’s hype and energy. The featured artists all add to the songs that they appear on bring something different to the Cheeky EP.

The “Kush Airlines Skit” serves as a precursor to “Kushwave Anthem” but is totally unnecessary. Had the skit not been included it would not be missed, in fact it would probably make for a better project. On “Cheeky” Marger spits one of the EP’s notable quotables, a commentary on the present Grime scene and it’s MC’s:

Real MC’s are breaking bread and still putting out good music
Fake MC’s still thinking that they’re levelling cos they got a beat from Rudekid
Real MC’s get signed and still go hard no help from Whoo Kid
Fake MC’s tryna go against real MC’s will make you look stupid

All in all the Cheeky EP shows that Marger has a bright future and gives promise to the thought of Grime charting within the UK Top 40 while not being ‘diluted’. Grime purists will probably enjoy the Cheeky EP more than most, but I’d say that you’re best of streaming the EP on  Spotify and downloading the standout tracks for your mp3 player.

Marger’s Cheeky EP is available to buy now on iTunes UK &  iTunes US. The Cheeky EP is also available to stream on Spotify now.



Rather than go with the traditional 10 or 5 point rating system, I’ve opted to go with my own system. It’s clear and lets you the reader know instantly how good an album, EP or mixtape is. 

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Stream, such a project has some good songs but not enough to warrant buying the whole package. You’re better off streaming it and downloading the few songs that you like.

Recommend, projects with this award are good from beginning to end and will become a proud part of your music collection.

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