Review: Grenades For The Wall – 7 EP

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Grenades For The Wall are a new Electro Pop duo from Sweden and 7 EP is their new release. It’s a shame that even though there are only six songs on the EP there are one or two skippable songs, most notably the title track “Seven”. But songs like “The Soundtrack of My Life”, “Lay It Out” and the song which you can hear above “Fight Your Battles With Me” show what the duo are capable of. The final track “Someday” is probably the EP’s best song and is as welcome change from the rest of the upbeat songs on the EP. It sounds like the type of music that Radio and  mainstream audiences would jump on, so it’s only a matter of time before Grenades blow.

“Lay It Out”
“Fight Your Battles With Me”

Grenades For The Wall’s 7 EP is available to buy now on iTunes & Amazon