Review: Beth Ditto EP

If you’ve ever heard Beth Ditto sing before then you will know that she’s one hell of a singer. So it was only a matter of time before the Gossip’s front woman spread her wings and went solo (for this project at least).

Having had a sneak peak at the Beth Ditto EP, I was pleased to finally get my hands on it and hear the songs in their entirety. The Beth Ditto EP has the Gossip feel to it but songs like “I Wrote The Book” and “Do You Need Someone” were clearly made for the dance floor. It is this that makes the EP so good and enjoyable.

The only low point (if you can call it that) on the EP is “Goodnight Good Morning”. It just doesn’t match the quality and energy of the other tracks on the EP.


 “Open Heart Surgery” 

The Beth Ditto EP is available to download now from Beat Port and will be available at other retailers from 4th March: