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Monday, 16 March 2020

JoJo - Man (Video)

"Man" is the first single to be taken from JoJo's forthcoming new album, good to know, which will be released May 1st. "Bump dat shit from wherever ur currently self-quarantined," JoJo joked when speaking about the song release. She's also reminded people to, "wash your fucking hands" - good messaging if you ask me. "Man" is out now on Apple Music and Spotify.

Octavian & Skepta - Papi Chulo (Video)

Photo Credit: Cosmo Webber

Octavian and Skepta's latest collaboration "Papi Chulo" was Friday's Song of The Day. Now the pair return with a video for the song which also features cameos from ASAP Ferg and ASAP Nast. Papi Chulo" is out now on Apple Music and Spotify.

Directed by Lyle Lindgren.

Friday, 13 March 2020

LU KALA - Body Knew (Video)

I loved "Body Knew" when I first heard it last month and I like it even more now that LU KALA is back with the body positive video. "Body Knew" is out now on Apple Music and Spotify.

Directed by Kate Harrison

Wednesday, 11 March 2020

Phoebe Bridgers - Garden Song (Video)

Photo credit: Olof Grind

LA Folk Rock artist Phoebe Bridgers's new video is a bit of an odd one and that's because the song is about, "recurring nightmares I have on tour," Phoebe explained. She also mentioned that the song also features her tour manager on backing vocals, she noticed his voice by chance when they were singing along in the tour van and decided that his voice would be a great addition. I'm glad that this nightmare turned into something dream like. "Garden Song" is out now on Apple Music and Spotify.

Directed by Jackson Bridgers

Grace Weber - Find A Way (Video)

Interestingly Grace was one of the writers for Chance The Rapper Grammy-winning track"All We Got". She spent the past 2 years on Capitol Records but that didn't work out so she's doing it independently now. Hopefully Garce's success will continue now that she has more control.Watch her performance of her soulful new single "Find A Way" below. "Find A Way" is out now on Apple Music and Spotify.

Directed by Joe Striff.

Sam Tompkins - You're The Love Of My Life (Video)

London singer/ songwriter Sam Tompkins' recently released the video for his new single "You're The Love Of My Life". The video was inspired by Netflix film, Marriage Story and like the film tells the story of a couple going through something difficult. Although unlike the film Sam's video has a slightly happier ending. "This song is about the people in life that just stick around no matter what," Sam explained. "I wanted to make a video that showcases those kinds of relationships," he added. "You're The Love Of My Life" is out now on Apple Music and Spotify.

Avi Kaplan - I'll Get By (Video)

Avi Kaplan has just released his I'll Get By EP which includes previous single "Sweet Adeline Pt. 2".  His latest offering from the EP is the title track "I'll Get By" and it's good - so good. Avi Kaplan's I'll Get By EP is out now on Apple Music and Spotify.

Directed by Steve Voss.

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Tuesday, 10 March 2020

Amber Mark - Generous (Video)

Amber Mark brings her sensual new single, "Generous", to life with burlesque inspired visuals. Speaking about the video Amber said, “I’ve always been so in awe of the aesthetic of the late 50s - early 60s. I wanted to create a visual that was inspired by this era but also incorporated the contemporary style we have now.”She added, “’Generous’ has such a beautiful balance between the classic Hollywood era as well as the hip hop world we live in now. I felt it was key to express that visually.” "Generous" is out now on Apple Music and Spotify.

Directed by Nathalie Christmas.

Benjamin Lerner - Liquid Fentanyl (Live Video)

In August 2010, just 3 days before Mac Miller released his legendary mixtape K.I.D.S., Benjamin recorded “Smoke Rings” with Mac in Pittsburgh. Mac went on to find fame, fortune, and critical acclaim while Benjamin went on to lose everything to addiction. He sought treatment for his heroin and crack cocaine and addiction addiction on June 13, 2016 and has been clean and sober ever since. Having stepped away from music to focus on his sobriety, it was only after Mac passing away that he felt that he couldn't be silent anymore and needed to share his story. The classically trained musician raps while playing the piano on new album Clean, which tells his true story of surviving the opiate epidemic. Watch Ben's rousing performance of "Liquid Fentanyl" below which is out now on Apple Music and Spotify.

Monday, 9 March 2020

Christine and the Queens - La vita nuova (Movie)

Christine and the Queens released a mini movie in support of her new La vita nuova EP which was also a surprise release. The movie which was shot in January includes the song's EPs, wonderful cinematography, lots of dancing, the devil and vampires. It's great. Christine and the Queens' La vita nuova EP is out now on Apple Music and Spotify.

Directed by Colin Solal Cardo.

Demi Lovato - I Love Me (Video)

Following on from her emotional and show steeling performance at The GRAMMY Awards, singer/songwriter Demi Lovato returns with her new single "I Love Me". It's a personal song and one that Demi is open an honest about some of her demons. Demi described "I Love Me" as being, "fun and lighthearted and it's got a positive message." It's great to see her back and doing what she does best. "I Love Me" is out now on Apple Music and Spotify.

Directed by Hannah Lux Davis.

Aitch & AJ Tracey - Rain Feat. Tay Keith (Video)

Aitch and AJ Tracey enlisted Tay Keith for production duties on their new collaboration "Rain". It's a banger and you can watch the pair's colourful video below. "Rain" is out now on Apple Music and Spotify.

Directed by Arrad.

Friday, 6 March 2020

Greentea Peng - Ghost Town (Video)

Greentea Peng's new single "Ghost Town", started off as a "moody verse" and blossomed into something sincere and powerful. The London based singer explained that her new song, "explores a number of issues but mainly it is a reaction to the rapid change we are experiencing, not just in London, but globally, in our environment." She added, "Ghost town is my bun borris, bun ya fucking 5G, bun consumerism, bun capitalism, anti babylonian chant." The video was shot on The Ayelsbury Estate in South East London. an estate that Greentea Peng passed everyday on her way to school as a child. "Ghost Town"is out now on Apple Music and Spotify.

Directed by Melody Maker.

The Frights - Kicking Cans (Video)

Photo credit: Rowan Daly

Put simply: this is a wonderful and charming video. It has an unlikely setting and features two unassuming lead characters who seem hellbent on escaping. I won't spoil the ending for you but trust me, it's well worth a watch. "Kicking Cans" is out now on Apple Music and Spotify.

Directed by Andrew Gibson.

Grimes - Idoru (Video)

There's alot going on in Grimes' new video and I'm not going to pretend that I understand. The song is named after American-Canadian author, William Gibson's 1996 book Idoru. The song like the video is a mesh of different sounds and influences, Grimes certainly keeps it interesting! "Idoru" is out now on Apple Music and Spotify.

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Thursday, 5 March 2020

Elah Hale - one star rating (Video)

This is such a vibe from New York singer Elah Hale. Her debut EP is on the way, hopefully her other music's as good as this. "one star rating" is out now on Apple Music and Spotify.

Directed by Tristan Nash.

Al Pride - Hunger (Video)

This is Swiss Indie band Al Pride's rather sensual video for new single "Hunger". It's good, I just wasn't expecting it when I pressed play. "Hunger" is out now on Apple Music and Spotify.

Directed & photographed by Natascha Vavrina.

Little Dragon - Are You Feeling Sad? (feat. Kali Uchis)

Little Dragon will release their sixth studio album New Me, Same Us on 27th March. In anticipation the band have just released "Are You Feeling Sad?" - their latest single from the album. It's an uplifting track featuring Kali Uchis and it's full of joy - despite the title. "Are You Feeling Sad?" is out now on Apple Music and Spotify.

Wednesday, 4 March 2020

Miqui Brightside - Kelly Kapoor ft. Kenjamin Franklin (Video)

Photo credit: Miqui Brightside

It's great when artists try something different, even more so when it comes off. "Miqui would love to have good videos for his music [but], good videos are expensive," the caption says at the end of the video. It was shot by Miqui himself and he managed to make it a "pretty good" one (as the video says), I'm sure that you'll agree. "Kelly Kapoor" is out now on Apple Music and Spotify.

Video by Miqui Brightside.

Lauv - Blinding Lights (The Weeknd Cover)

Lauv visited the BBC Live Lounge and performed an intimate and sombre rendition of The Weeknd's "Blinding Lights". It almost felt like a different song, Lauv honed in on the song's emotion perfectly. Nice.

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