Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Rizzle Kicks - Traveller's Chant

"Traveller's Chant" will probably be the next single from Rizzle Kicks' debut album and it's brilliant.

Buy "Traveller's Chant": iTunes UK | iTunes US

Daniela Brooker - Forget About Yesterday (Video)

"Forget About Yesterday" is Daniela Brooker's upbeat new single and it is released on 13th February.

Delilah 2-4am (Mixtape)

Delilah's new mixtape, 2-4, includes "Never Be Another" and is available to download now from DelilahOfficial.co.uk.

Ria Ritchie - Only One (Acoustic Video)

Ria Ritchie's acoustic performance of her new single "Only One" for SB.TV's A64 series.

"Only One" is available to download for free from Ria Ritchie's Facebok page.

Future - Magic ft. T.I. (Video)

Future won't be winning any awards for his lyrics any time soon, but with T.I.'s help he has managed to pen a something for the clubs. 

Video directed by Decatur Dan.

Buy "Magic": iTunes UK | iTunes US

Review: Lana Del Rey - Born To Die

In recent months Lana Del Rey has gone 360, from being one of the most loved new acts to being at the end of a bitter back lash (because Lana Del Rey is not her real name and Born To Die isn't really her debut album). Lana Del Rey's performance on SNL added more fuel to the fire that is the internet's love/hate affair with Lana. Was the back lash justified? Did Lana Del Rey silence her critics or were the haters right in the end? Read on to find out.

Lil Wayne - Mirror ft. Bruno Mars (Video)

Bruno Mars joins Lil' Wayne for the latest single to be taken from Weezy's multi platinum Carter 4 album.

Video directed by Antoine Fuqua.

Buy "Mirror": iTunes UK | iTunes US

Pixie Lott - Dedication To My Ex (Lloyd Cover)

Pixie Lott passed through the Live Lounge today and performed a cover of Lloyd's new single "Dedication To My Ex.

Buy LLoyd's original version of "Dedication To My Ex"Tunes UK | iTunes US

iAm1 - Watching (Video)

iAm1's animated video for thier new single  "Watching".

Video directed by Taz Thomas.

Yasmin - Heard It All Before (Sunshine Anderson Cover) (Video)

Yasmin's acoustic cover of Sunshine Anderson's classic "Heard It All Before" for Dropout UK.

Buy Sunshine Anderson's original version of  "Heard It All Before": iTunes UK | iTunes US

David Guetta - Turn Me On ft. Nicki Minaj (Video)

Good concept to the video, average song.

RxGibbs - Futures

RxGibbs is the newest signing to Cascaine Records and "Futures" is the title song from the Michigan Prodcuer's forthcoming EP which is released on 21st February.

FREE DOWNLOAD: RxGibbs - Futures

Digital Pirate Material Compilation

The Digital Pirate Material Compilation is a collection of tracks made by talented artists that the good people at Digital Pirate Material have discovered over the past year. Totalling 18 tracks strong, each sampling a different artist, from a wide range of genres including Future Garage, Dubstep and UK Funky. The Digital Pirate Material Compilation includes songs by Lil Silva, Paleman, Spooky and Mista Men amongst others.

There's some interesting remixes on the compilation and some new/emergeing artists that you may have not heard anywhere else yet so it's well worth checking out.

J. Mars - Toast Music

The latest single to be taken from J. Mars' new mixtape The Reservation which is released on 4th February.

FREE DOWNLOAD: J. Mars - Toast Music

Princess Nyah - Destroy & Rebuild EP

Includes "Do What I Want", "Crazy", "Soldier" and features Wiley & No Lay.

Monday, 30 January 2012

Feist - The Bad In Each Other (Video)

Visuals for Feist's brilliant new single "The Bad In Each Other".

Video directed by Martin De Thurah.

Buy "The Bad In Each Other": iTunes UK | iTunes US

Busta Rhymes - Why Stop Now ft. Chris Brown (Video)

It's Busta Rhymes' first single as an artist on Cash Money Records and apart from his flow it's nothing special. 

US visitors can download "Why Stop Now" for free on the Android Market.

Review: Marger - Cheeky EP

If (undiluted) Grime will ever find a home in the UK Top 40 charts then it will probably sound like this. The Cheeky EP sounds and feels as if it was well thought out, not just random verses and hooks over any beats.

There are some notable features including Little Nasty on what is probably the Cheeky EP's highlight  "Kushwave Anthem" . On "Goonz" Marger is flanked by Scrufizzer (if Busta Rhymes was a London Grime MC he'd probably sound like this) and No Lay (a female MC better than most male Grime MC's). Molly lifts "Shadows" and provides a good contrast between Marger's hype and energy. The featured artists all add to the songs that they appear on bring something different to the Cheeky EP.

Benny Banks - F64 (Video)


Midé - City Lights EP

Although it's fairly short at only three songs Midé's City Lights EP is well worth checking out. There's no filler material or any songs worth skipping; just gems. Midé has got it just right and other artists should take note: quantity does not equal quality.

FREE DOWNLOAD: Midé - City Lights EP

Labrinth - Last Time

Yesterday I gave you the preview of Labrinth's new single "Last Time" and today I bring you the full song. Sounds like something UK radio will love..

"Last Time" is released on 11th March.

Jess Mills - Gabriel

Jess Mills's cover of  Roy Davis Jr's "Gabriel" sounds great; it's a good cover of a UK Garage classic.

Buy "Gabriel": iTunes UK | iTunes US

Sunday, 29 January 2012

Best In New Music Album Rating Guide

Rather than go with the traditional 10 or 5 point rating system, I've opted to go with my own system. It's clear and lets you the reader know instantly how good an album, EP or mixtape is. 

Is literal and any project with this rating is not worthy of your hard earned money. 

such a project has some good songs but not enough to warrant buying the whole package. You're better off streaming it and downloading the few songs that you like.

Projects with this award are good from beginning to end and will become a proud part of your music collection.

Apple Bottom - Hemmed

Apple Bottom is 17 year old producer who makes dance music mostly of which can be described as 'Future Garage'. He's someone to keep an eye on and "Hemmed" is a perfect example why.

FREE DOWNLOAD: Apple Bottom - Hemmed

Frank Ocean - Voodoo (Preview)

Frank Ocean recently let this preview of "Voodoo" loose and although it's short, it gives us a taste of what to expect from his forthcoming album. Quality as ever from Mr. Ocean.

Chris Brown - Turn Up The Music

"Turn Up The Music" is the lead single from Chris Brown's new album Fortune and will be released on Valentine's day, 14th February.

Buy "Turn Up The Music": Amazon UK | iTunes US

Labrinth - Last Time (Preview)

Preview clip of Labrinth's new single "Last Time" which will be released on 11th March.

Saturday, 28 January 2012

Fantasy Island - Alone

Word is that "Alone" will be released later this year, so enjoy the stream until then.

Vaughn Anthony - Curiosity feat. Dunson

Dunson joined John Legend's brother, Vaughan Anthony on a sick a beat produced by the Phatboiz.

Fixers - Iron Deer Dream (Video)

Weird video, good song.

Video directed by Ben Reed.

"Iron Deer Dream" is released on 11th March.

Friday, 27 January 2012

King Charles - LoveBlood (Video)

It's brilliant and it's today's Song of The Day.

Video directed by Steve Glashier.

Buy "LoveBlood": iTunes UK | iTunes US

Pusherman - Still Feel EP

Sounding absolutely sick, from start to finish. There isn't a release date as of yet, so enjoy the preview above.

Alex Winston - Choice Notes (Video)

Taken from Alex Winston's debut album King Con which is released on 6th March.

Video directed by Austin Peters.


14th - Take Me There (Video)

"Take Me There" is the debut single from 14th, a duo well worth checking out especially if you're a UK Garage lover.

"Take Me There" is released on 13th February and is available to Pre-Order on iTunes UK & iTunes US.

14th will also be touring the UK from 9th February, to view more info on dates and venues head to 14th's Facebook page.

M.I.A. - Bad Girls

Hopefully a new M.I.A. album isn't too far away...

Buy "Bad Girls": iTunes UK | iTunes US

Jermaine Riley - Hello Earth (Free Album)

After recently releasing "Key To The City", Jermaine Riley is back with his free album Hello Earth. Features artists include Cherri V, Lioness and Donaeo.

Marcus Collins - Seven Nation Army

Marcus Collins' rendition of "Seven Nation Army" feels a bad Karaoke version. Marcus can sing but the instrumentation lacks the energy and rawness of The White Stripes original.

Marcus Collins' debut single  "Seven Nation Army" is released on 4th March.

Horx and P3000 ft. Fleur - The One (Video)

Big tune from Horx (XL Records founder), P3000 (aka Prash Ministry-lead singer of Engine Earz Experiment) and Fleur (lead vocalist for the DJ Fresh live show).

Video directed  by Elmino.

"The One" is released on 1st April.

Thursday, 26 January 2012

The Jealous Sound - A Gentle Reminder (Album Stream)

Some of you may recall we featured "Your Eyes Were Shining" a few weeks ago, well today I am proud to say that you can stream The Jealous Sound's new album, A Gentle Reminder, in its entirety. This stream will only be available between now and midnight on Tuesday so be sure to enjoy it before then!

A Gentle Reminder is released on 31st January and is available to Pre-Order now on Amazon UK & Amazon US.

Yuna - Live Your Life

Probably the best thing I've heard today. #SongOfTheDay.

Buy "Live Your Life": iTunes UK | iTunes US

Ivy & Gold - Spies (Coldplay Acoustic Cover)

Ivy & Gold are back with their latest cover, this time Coldplay's "Spies" gets the Ivy & Gold acoustic treatment.

Mahalia - Mardy Bum (Arctic Monkeys Acoustic Cover)

Mahalia's  cover of Arctic Monkeys's "Mardy Bum".

Buy Arctic Monkeys' original version of   "Mardy Bum" : iTunes UK | iTunes US

Phenomenal Handclap Band - The Right One (Video)

From song to video, this is brilliant!

"The Right One" is taken from Phenomenal Handclap Band's new album Form and Control which is released on 13th February and is available to Pre-Order now on iTunes UK & iTunes US.

Kelly Rowland - Keep It Between Us (Video)

Kelly Rowland's fairly boring new single.

Buy "Keep It Between Us": iTunes UK | iTunes US

Creep - Animals (Alpines Remix)

Far Better than Creep's original version of "Animals".

Benny Benassi v Marshall Jefferson - Move Your Body (2012 Version)

Benny Benassi re-invigorated Marshall Jefferson's 80's House Anthem, "Move Your Body" and the result is a sure-fire dance floor smash. Loving this version!

Benny Benassi's "Move Your Body (2012 Version)" is released on 31st January and is available to Pre-Order on iTunes US.

iAm1 - Watching

Watching is the title track from iAm1's debut EP which is released on 24th January and is available to Pre-Order now on iTunes UK & iTunes US.

Maino - I Am Who I Am (Mixtape)

Features include T.I., Meek Mill, Wale, Jim Jones & Lloyd Banks. I Am Who I Am is hosted by DJ Green Lantern & DJ Infamous and is available to download on the link below.