Friday, 30 September 2011

T.I. ft. Big K.R.I.T. - I'm Flexin

If you didn't know, T.I.'s back from jail and he's back on his grind..

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XXXY - Kerpow

OMFG, this is sick! Perfect for a Friday night.

"Kerpow" will be released on 3rd October.

Mahs - Always

A nice bit of Garage to accompany the heat and get you in the mood for the weekend..

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Tasseomancy - Soft Feet (Heidi Mortenson's Gentle Dance Remüx)

Much prefer this to Tasseomancy's oirignal version of "Soft Feet"..

The Saturdays - My Heart Takes Over

"My Heart Takes Over" is released on 13th November.

tUnE-yArDs - Gangsta (HD Video)

This is one of the most random videos I've ever seen, shame as the song is a good one

Video directed by Merrill Garbus of tUnE-yArDs.

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San Cisco - Girls Do Cry (HD Video)

If ever I've seen a sarcastic video then this it!

Video directed by Anna Li & Hannah Metz.

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Ed Sheeran - Lego House (Remix) feat. P Money

This is deep. #SongOfTheDay.

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T-Pain ft Wiz Khalifa & Lily Allen - 5 O'Clock (HD Video)

Wow, T-Pain actually shot a video in Amsterdam's Red Light disctrict. No wonder Lily Allen's not in the video!

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Adele - Someone Like You (HD Video)

Every time I hear this it's like hearing it for the first time; I feel every ounce of emotion in it....Song of the year?

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Young Jeezy – F.A.M.E feat. T.I.

This is sick.

Thursday, 29 September 2011

The Wombats - 1996 (HD Video)

Really like this, but didn't get the business about the diving gear. Am guessing it's some kind of metaphor for 'diving back to the past..

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French Films - Escape In The Afternoon

French Films are a band that I had the fortune of coming across today and now my fortune is yours. Enjoy..

Buy "Escape In The Afternoon" on iTunes.

Ronika - Only Only (Video)

This is proper Retro if I ever saw it!

Video directed by Ronika and J.Sampson.

"Only Only" is released on 3rd October and available to Pre-Order on iTunes & Amazon.

Medics - Beggars (HD Video)

A sad video, but a brilliant song. Not sure on whether it will be available in Europe though..

Video directed by Anthony Salsone.

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Waylayers - S.O.S (Leave Alone)

This is a good song, but what makes it more incredible is that it is the 6th edition of the Waylayers' 'Facebook Pledge'. A mission they've embarked on in which they must write, record, mix and post a new song to their Facebook page every week!

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Hodgy Beats & Jonti - Nagoya

This is real smooth. Amazingly it was recorded only last night!

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Young the Giant - Your Side (HD Video)

This song sounds great!

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Fem Fel - More Than A Dream ft. Kerry Wright & D-Rymez

Admittedly I wasn't the biggest Fem Fel fan in the past but the last few tracks I've heard from him have been quite good, this included.

"More Than A Dream" is released on 17th October and is available to Pre-Order on iTunes & Amazon

Mike Delinquent Project - Out Of Control ft. KCAT & Donae'o (Video)

Garage seems to be on a resurgence at the moment and Mike Delinquent is here to ensure that it continues. With songs like "Out Of Control", who's to argue?..

"Out Of Control" is released on 30th October.

Wale ft Miguel - Lotus Flower Bomb

Something for the ladies via Wale...

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

50 Cent - Love, Hate, Love

50 Cent calls this "Hate It Or Love It Part 2" and through in a few shots at Game too. 50 must have an album coming out soon, since he's back to his old tricks.

Luke James - Driven (HD Video)

Ladies and gentlemen this is the video for Luke James's new video series Driven. He has written for Chris Brown, Britney Spears and Justin Bieber and now he is ready to really show the world his talent. I am not certain what the name of the song is in the video, but all I can say is that it's brilliant!

Lorenzo - Keep It

The addition of a vocal could make this something special..

Taken from the Keep It EP, which is due to be released in November.

Kele ft. Lucy Taylor - What Did I Do (Video)

New single from Bloc Party's lead singer, or should I say former lead singer, Kele.

Video directed by Nova Dando.

"What Did I Do" is taken from the Hunter EP which is released on 7th November.

SIGNIF - S.I.G.M.A.T.A (HD Video)

Taken from the Significant Wisdom EP which you can download for free from Signif's Bandcamp page.

Video directed by Darren Alexander Cole

Neon Hitch - No Hands (Waka Flocka Cover) (HD Video)

This lady makes some of the best covers and she's fit.

Video directed by Pots N Pans.

Buy Wacka Flocka Flame's "No Hands" on iTunes & Amazon.

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Florence + The Machine – Shake It Out (The Weeknd Remix)

This is the second remix that I've heard of Florence + The Machine's new single "Shake It Out" and the original is still the best version!

"Shake It Out" is released on 2nd October and can be Pre-Ordered on iTunes.

Caged Animals - Teflon Heart

Probably my favourite band at the moment..

Caged Animals are making their UK debut performance tonight at the Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen and tickets are just £6. So hop on down if you nearby!

Buy "Teflon Heart" on iTunes | Amazon

Alex Winston - Velvet Elvis (Crystal Fighters Remix)

Shame that this version isn't being released beause this remix is great.

Craze - Dance Alone ft. Wreckonize (Kastle Remix)

This is wicked!

Buy "Dance Alone" on iTunes & Amazon.

Britney Spears - Criminal

Not bad...

Buy "Criminal" on iTunes | Amazon

Bruno Mars – It Will Rain

Taken from the soundtrack to the new Twilight film, Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1. I'm not into the  whole Twilighth saga but if you are, then you can find out more info on it here.

Buy "It Will Rain" on iTunes | Amazon

Oh Ye Denver Birds - I Believe in Love, Kid (HD Video)

OYDB formed in Brisbane two years ago and amazingly they have only released three songs since (including "I Believe in Love, Kid"). I guess good things do come to those who wait, if all their music sounds this good! #SongOfTheDay.

FREE DOWNLOAD: Oh Ye Denver Birds - I Believe in Love, Kid

Lethal Bizzle ft. Jamal Hadaway - Look Up to The Sky (HD Video)

This has Top 10 written all over it, would be interesting if it got to #1 though..

James Morrison - Lithium (Nirvana Cover)

James Morrison covered Nirvana's "Lithium" yesterday in honour of the 20th anniversary of Nirvana's Nevermind album. Am not big on Nirvana, but much prefer their version over James's..

Buy Nirvana's "Lithium" on iTunes | Amazon

Pusha T – Don’t Fuck With Me

Pusher borrowed Drake's "Dreams Money Can Buy" beat which sampled Jai Paul's "BTSU" and treated us to a freestyle. Thank you sir..

Monday, 26 September 2011

Florence + The Machine - Shake It Out (Benny Benassi Remix)

Benny Benassi remixed Florence + The Machine's new single "Shake It Out" and "took it to the club," as Annie Mac put it when she premiered it on her radio show. Absoloutely can't wait to hear where The Weeknd takes the song on his remix though.

"Shake It Out" is released on 2nd October and can be Pre-Ordered on iTunes.

B.o.B - Strange Clouds ft. Lil Wayne

What a let down..

"Strange Clouds" is released at midnight tonight (probably US time).

14th - Hide Yourself (HD Video)

14th's video for their former #SongOfTheDay "Hide Yourself". If you haven't heard it already then you're in for a treat!

FREE DOWNLOAD: 14th - Hide Yourself

Noisia - Tommy's Theme


A lovely bit of Dubstep from Dutch production trio Noisia.

Buy "Tommy's Theme" on Beatport.

The Internet - Love Song -1

The Internet is the newest group to come from Odd Future. The group is made up of Odd Future producer & engineer Syd The Kid and Matt Martian. Although their first offering is short, it's a pleasure on the ears and it offers a great taste of what's to come from the duo.

Pixie Lott feat Pusha T- What Do You Take Me For

An interesting collaboration, not one that I would have imagined in a million years! But the odd couple seem to have pulled it off, it works.

"What Do You Take Me For" is released on 6th November and is available to Pre-Order on iTunes.

Dum Dum Girls - Bedroom Eyes (HD Video)

The Dum Dum Girls's new album, Only In Dreams, was released today and you can stream the whole album here. If you haven't already you download one of the songs for free on the link below..

Bjork - Moon (HD Video)

This song is amazing.

Directed, Produced and Art directed by Björk, Inez and Vinoodh, M/M Paris and James Merry.

Buy "Moon" on iTunes.

Sunday, 25 September 2011

Kano & Mikey J - E.T. ft. Wiley, Wretch 32 & Scorcher (HD Video)

After getting off to a bad start to his #Not4TheAList series, Kano reminded us why he's so rated as an MC with  "Alien". This weeks instalment might just be better..

Video directed by Kalvador Peterson and Patrick Odur.

J. Cole - Daddy's Little Girl (HD Video)

Why "Daddy's Little Girl" is only available to buy on iTunes which lists the release date for Cole's debut album, Cole World: The Sideline Story, as 10th October I'll never know! #RocNationFail.

J. Cole's debut album Cole World: The Sideline Story is released on 26th September and can be Pre-Ordered on Amazon &

Cher Lloyd - With Ur Love ft Mike Posner

This was produced by Max Martin, the same man behind Britney Spears, Backstreet Boys, Bon Jovi & Katy Perry's biggest hits. So with that being said there will only be one end result: a premeditated hit, the only question is how log it'll top the UK charts for.

"With Ur Love" is released on 31st October and available to Pre-Order on Amazon & HMV.

Saturday, 24 September 2011

Kano - E.T. feat Wiley, Wretch 32, Scorcher

"Traktor just brought Wretch a Mercedes Benz"...woah, Wretch went in on that verse!

Spice - Hot Patty Wine (Video)


Video directed by Dexter "3D" Pottinger.

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