Sunday, 3 April 2011

Review: Smokey Robotic - Outside The Lines EP

The thing that makes Smokey Robotic's music such a joy to listen to is the curious mix of genres and styles that makes the groups 'sound'. For example you have the radio friendly "Outside The Lines (Uptown)", the reggae/ rock sounds of "Redzone" and the RnB/Hip Hop influences in "Most Beautiful". Which means that if ( as I did) you try to confine them to one genre then you will constantly be surprised.

Another thing that makes the Outside The Lines EP such a goody is that there is only one low point and that is in the form of "Who Wants To Get Rich". A song which lacks the energy of the other songs on the EP and one which wouldn't be missed if it were not included.

"Forever My Love" and "Voices" were among the first singles to be released from Outside The Lines and served as a well suited introduction to Smokey Robotic's music and the Outside The Lines EP. "Give it All Away" is Outside The Lines's stand out track, but picking it was hard as the songs below also come close.

"Give It All Away"